Mural Arts – Darien Street Project

In 2014, I worked with the Mural Arts Program artists Phillip Adams and Jonathan Laidacker to create the 17,000-square-foot mural, located adjacent to Lincoln Financial Field on Darien Street. More than 2,900 man hours and 386 gallons of paint were devoted to the project that currently stands as the second-largest mural in the city of Philadelphia and the fifth-largest in the nation.

I created a design for the mural that illustrates the full experience of going to an Eagles game: the anticipatory travel to the stadium, the excitement of being part of the crowd, and the thrill of the game itself. This concept, tied together with strong Philadelphia iconography, including the Eagles stadium, Philadelphia skyline, players, and fans creates an image and project that inextricably links the Eagles with the city of Philadelphia. As a special bonus, the muralists worked my portrait into a crowd scene. As fate had it, my face is framed by a doorframe.

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